SEO Copywriting Services

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

Google has been very clear about what they regard as good content:

  • Fresh, original material
  • High quality
  • Well written
  • Relevant
  • Offer value for the searcher
  • Be interesting and readable, not mass produced low quality content

Our SEO copywriting services can increase your online visibility and bring you targeted traffic.

In order to get those prized page-one rankings you need to have several things in place:

  1. Keyword research to establish which words and phrases will be the best for your business
  2. A few chosen pages on your website written by a good SEO copywriter, so that these pages will be found when people search those keywords. SEO copywriting follows the rules of formatting content so it can be easily indexed and found by search engines
  3. Good content in well-written articles that get added to your site on a regular basis. Search engines prefer fresh content. They give higher ranking to a page that is constantly updated. While SEO copywriting has specific rules, your content also has to be interesting enough to make people want to read it and come back for more.
  4. A simple content management system so you can upload the content to your website without the need to learn HTML or other programming languages.
  5. The ability to distribute and syndicate your content online with RSS feeds.  PRESSfeed is the solution we recommend.

You can do as many of the steps of the program as your budget allows.  But doing the full program is the most cost effective and gives the best results.

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