Quality Content Writing

One of the major factors in gaining better social engagement and search engine visibility is a constant flow of excellent, original content. Search engines are looking for the most relevant content on a subject and Google has recently changed their algorithm to focus on fresh, original content.. Adding great content to your website or newsroom regularly is a sure-fire way to climb higher in the search results and get your content shared in the social web, resulting in increased traffic and more leads….

Brand Journalism

For decades companies have had to rely on the media to get their stories out to the public. Now you can create your own stories and publish your own media.  Brand journalism includes blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Most PR and marketing people are too busy to produce all the content needed for social brand journalism. CMOs and PR managers cite lack of resources as the number one challenge in content production.

Our team of affordable, American professional writers, who understand SEO and social media, can assist you with these tasks and get your stories out online.

Who Writes the Content?

According to a recent survey by SODA, the Society of Digital Agencies, the number one digital talent in demand right now is writing.

If you are not a good writer, or you’re not 100% up to speed on search engine optimization or social content, or you just don’t have the time to write all this social content, finding a support team is crucial. SEO copywriting is a specific skill.  We have excellent SEO and social copywriters to assist you with a content marketing and brand journalism.

Our content marketing process:

  1. Keyword research to establish which words and phrases will be the best for your business
  2. Research and write optimized articles. We recommend that you add one article a week to your website or newsroom.
  3. Add the optimized articles or news releases to Google News with links in the text that lead visitors to your website. This broadens the audience that sees your content and drives traffic to your site.
  4. Create a branded newsroom that acts as a content hub for all your content.
  5. Facebook: Since Facebook now drives three times more news traffic to websites than Google News we create a custom news tab on your Facebook page. We have a custom Facebook timeline program to help you use Facebook to tell your brand story.
  6. A blog is a vital part of your content program and should be updated with industry news three times a week. Blogs are the number one trusted source of advice and information for women in the US. A good blog writer can make all the difference to gaining readership and engagement on the blog
  7. Twitter: If it is appropriate for your audience we will research and write tweets for your corporate feed..
  8. LinkedIn: We can write posts for LinkedIn and create content for the Q&A section
  9. Google Plus: Since Google now features G+ content on the top right hand side of a search results page we encourage clients to  expand their social content to this platform
  10. Pinterest: Tell your brand story in visual format. We can set up relevant boards on Pinterest and write the descriptions for each pin.
  11. Whitepapers and case studies – tell your clients’ stories in an engaging way.
  12. Visual content: this is the new wave of content marketing – we also have a talented team of designers, videographers and editors who can tell your story in short interesting and entertaining videos.

You can do as many steps of the program as your budget allows.  But doing the full program is the most cost-effective and gives the best results.

Constantly creating relevant, optimized content for your website, newsroom and blog is a proven way to raise your search engine visibility and your social engagement. By offering useful data to your web visitors you keep them coming back and you stay top of mind. Using news feeds places you in the forefront of a new technology trend and offers your visitors a spam-free way to get your content on demand.

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Image credit: Danard Vincente  Flickr