Custom Web Design and Development

We believe your website is an integral part of a PR and marketing strategy and should be integrated with your social media programs.  Your online presence needs to be customized so that your users have a seamless experience across all channels – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blog or website. You can achieve that with

  • Research
  • Being User Focused
  • Making your website and social  media channels a communication tool
  • Integrating your online content with your marketing strategy

Focus groups tell you what the users think they will do — usability testing shows what users actually do.

We use research and testing to get the information we need BEFORE we design a site. We develop a functional web site that integrates art, technology and use-value. You don’t want visitors spending time admiring the graphics and bleeding edge technology on your site.  You want comments like – “What a great site – it is so easy to use!”

Yes, the Web is a new medium, one that is complex and has new rules. But it also needs to follow the basic rules of marketing and PR.  It is ultimately the user experience that dictates the success or failure of a site.

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