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I have attended quite a few social media training seminars.  This is by far the most comprehensive. It is just what I have needed for quite some time; step by step, all in one place, all in 90 minutes . .Thank you!  ASM Webinar

I learned more from you in a couple of social media training sessions than from all the conferences and workshops I have attended.”  Astrid Sheil PhD.  PR and Communication Lecturer  Cal State University San Bernardino.

“I just got the first order as a result of the content and outreach I have done while on your social media training course.  It’s exciting to see it working and producing results.” Ellen Pratt, Marketing Director, Natalie Blake Studios

“You’re a gifted teacher, communicating these concepts with analogies we can instantly understand and humor that makes the social media training “stick.” Rebecca Mikkelsen, APR. Pasadena, CA.

“Sally knows social media inside and out. She is a fabulous presenter and an excellent teacher. If you are serious about learning the ins and outs of social media, she’s the person to turn to. Couldn’t recommend her higher!” Carla Briceno. VP Brixal

“I walked away from this social media training with many tangible ideas and practices to implement which, unfortunately, I have found to be rare with other social media conferences or classes.” AnnMarie Kemp.Vice President, Director of Public Relations Cronin and Company.

I just had my first successful interaction with a blogger and got great coverage for my products because of what you taught me in your social media training sessions. Thank you!!!! Rena Campbell  CEO, TalktotheTurtle.com

“Sally is one of the few PR people who really understands social media and how technology is affecting the practice of PR.”

“Sally is one of those people that just happens to fall into the right place at the right time. I met her in early 2009 when navigating the “dos and don’ts” of social media and its PR potential. It was because of Sally that I was able to launch the first Twitter and Facebook sites for my businesswhich now have nearly 8,000 followers and fans each. I’ve learned a lot from her honest and expert counsel…so much so that we will be working in collaboration together for some great projects in the future. I highly recommend Sally for anyone who needs expertise in the social media world today.” Thomas Wingham Director – Brand Communications, Hilton Hotels Corporation

Sally truly understands the impact of social media and implications for different parts of an organization. She has been involved in this field for a long time, unlike many of the self-styled experts who have suddenly sprung up in this area. This means she has a good understanding of the theoretical aspects of online PR and social media marketing, as well as an excellent grasp of what businesses should be doing in practical terms.” Linus Gregoriades Research Director, Econsultancy

“Sally knows social media cold. She’s a practitioner, a pioneer and an evangelist of online public relations, a gifted speaker, and a talented educator. I’ve been honored to share many a stage with her at speaking engagements around the world – and this lady is one tough act to follow. She not only understands the tactics, but is a gifted social media strategist who knows how to weave together content, search, social networks, and outreach into creative and engaging campaigns. When I’m not learning from Sally, I’m cribbing from her (with attribution, of course). Many of the solutions she’s crafted for clients wind up in my articles and speeches as best practices examples of the best of the best in social media marketing. Plus, Sally’s a really, really great human being.”  Rebecca Lieb. Analyast, Altimeter Group

Sally is a highly regarded resource for social media training and Digital PR. As a frequent speaker and thought leader, she has developed a strong following and reputation in this burgeoning industry.”  Jesse Torres.President and Chief Executive Officer, Pan American Bank

“Sally Falkow is one of the sharpest minds in the industry. She continues to impress me with her ability to identify the *next big thing* and leverage it for her clients, long before the rest of the world takes notice. If Sally Falkow tells you to do something, you would be wise to listen carefully!” Nan Dawkins President & CEO, Serengeti Communications, Inc.

“Sally Falkow is top-tier when it comes to all things new media. She and I have participated on panels re: the topic or I have had the pleasure of listening to her share her wit and wisdom as she presented; I must say that each and every time, I learn more and more from Sally Falkow. My favorite is her social media training. She truly knows her game, and I highly recommend her — noting to any company that THEY are the lucky ones to get Sally on their side.”  Paoline Milana EVP, Marketing, Marketwire

“Sally Falkow is one of the highest rated Digital PR and social media trainers.  She consistently delivers excellent results”  Bulldog Reporter PR University.


“Riecken’s has been really happy with the writing you have been doing on their behalf. They said things like, ‘She really captured the entire process with a great style, the message is perfect, this will really help our company.’ You really did a fantastic job on all of their work, they really appreciate it and so do I. Great work — I’m very impressed.”
PR company in LA

“It has been a pleasure working with you.”
Well’s Fargo Small Business Advisor

“Your review and usability testing on our site made all the difference. We found out what the problems were and fixed them. The rewrite according to the data from the surveys was very interesting – now we have content that communicates. Our registration has 4x’d since the rewrite.”
Political Analyst

“We got a big spread in Medical Design Technology from your first article! Excellent work.”
Medical Supply Company

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