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Social media has become an integral part of marketing and PR. Sally Falkow has 10 years experience as a social media strategist and Digital PR thought leader. She has trained more than 800 corporate and agency executives on how to plan and implement a social media strategy.

Sally is an accomplished speaker and is available for consulting as a social media strategist.

If you are planning a social media strategy session having someone like Sally Falkow lead workshop gets faster and more effective results.

Sally also does in-house training. She is a regular speaker at industry conferences and one of the highest-rated presenters for Bulldog Reporter’s PR University events.

The Internet has changed how we interact with stakeholders – and how they interact with each other. Technology is advancing and changing so fast – it’s hard to keep up with all the opportunities. If you feel like you are behind the curve, attend our Social Media strategy webinars – or ask for an in-house session for your marketing and/or PR team. Since a website is now one of the primary communication mediums, marketing and PR professionals need to have all the latest online strategies at their fingertips.

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Comments from attendees at the PR Society of America International Conference in New York City and the Media Relations Summit

“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. We are about to upgrade our website and this was just what we needed.”

“The best presentation of the conference – no kidding!”

“Exactly what marketing and PR people need to hear right now.”

“I’ve been in Internet marketing for many years.This was one of the best presentations I’ve heard on website strategies.”

“Just what I needed to know!  Excellent information that helps me help my clients.”

“An extraordinary presentation”

“At last! Internet strategies and social media explained in language I can understand.”

“A wonderful and powerful presentation – thank you Sally”

“I am enchanted with your professionalism, wealth of knowledge and generosity”

“You were extremely informative and articulate. A wonderful job!”

“I am still talking about your ‘grown-up’ presentation”

Speaking topics:

  • Social Media Intelligence
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Media Relations in the Internet Age
  • Social media : How PR Can Seize the Challenge
  • The Power of Brand Journalism
  • Implementing a Website Content Strategy
  • Content Is King – How to Write For The Web
  • Optimizing corporate news content for search and social media.

Speaking Highlights:

Keynote Speaker

Sally was a featured speaker at

If you would like to explore working with a social media strategist call Sally on 626 793 4911