Social Media: Training and Coaching

“Anyone looking for a job in today’s competitive market without using social media skills is at a distinct disadvantage.” Leonard Witt,  Robert D. Fowler Distinguished Chair in Communication and founder and executive director of the Center for Sustainable Journalism at Kennesaw State University.

CareerBuilder named social media as one of its top ten hiring trends, noting that one in five employers plan to add social media responsibilities to a current employee’s job description

Avoid Social Media Pitfalls

Too many companies and agencies are ‘flying by the seat of their pants’ – they’re not yet fully up to speed on social media and digital PR. The crisis case studies – like Greenpeace attacking Nestle on their Facebook page and catching their social media team unawares – make a strong case for getting your in-house team well-trained by someone with experience in using social media as a business strategy.

And social media training is not just for the PR and marketing department. Business models are changing – – to succeed today you need to transform into a social business.

“When one person can broadcast to as many people as a major media network, that signifies the turning of the tide from traditional news outlets to social news outlets. With our video cameras on cell phones, picture cams, blogging, twittering, posting, and Facebooking, we become the source of the news, the broadcasters of the news, and the consumers of the news. Social media and social news outlets can become as powerful as the major news outlets.” Ashton Kutcher on the significance of gaining 1,000,000 followers on Twitter.

Are you ready to participate in the online conversations?

Our custom social media and online PR training sessions give your team all the secrets we’ve learned over the last six years.  We get your employees using all the latest techniques, effectively.  An ongoing coaching program keeps them informed as new tools and techniques appear on the rapidly changing social media landscape. Our hands-on social media training gives you the online PR skills you need to create, implement and measure a cost-effective social media plan, step by step.

Classes can be done online or in person in Pasadena, California.  We also do tailored in-house programs.Over the past six years we have trained more than 1500 people from non -profits, universities, Fortune 100 companies and mid-sized firms.

Social Media Training is a wise investment in today’s fast-paced the online PR world.

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How does it work?

You can choose to do the training online in a webinar format, in 24 one-hour segments.

Or we can create a one or two-day social media training workshop specifically tailored for your employees and delivered on site or at a venue of your choice..The content of these workshops can be tailored for any department in your organization: marketing, PR, HR, CRM, compliance, legal or the C-Suite. We also offer one-on-one coaching for busy executives..
Here are just a few of the inside techniques you’ll cover in our intensive one-day social media training workshop:

  • Learn how to monitor your reputation online
  • How to set up a listening post and tap into the online mentions of your brand
  • Discover how to set up a measurable, accountable social media program
  • Identify and track top blogs in your industry–––and decide the best time to join in the conversation
  • Acquire the techniques for placing the right messages on leading social media outlets, like Facebook, delicious, digg, and YouTube
  • Harness the power of corporate blogs (including critical insight on who in your company should blog and who should not )
  • Start using the latest Search Engine Optimization techniques to supercharge the visibility of your website and corporate news materials
  • Find out the smartest (often ignored!) features of a social media newsroom

The classes are taught by Sally Falkow, one of the recognized experts in the SEO/PR and digital PR field. She’s been teaching Social Media since 2006 and was named PR Trainer of the Year for her social media classes.The material we teach is based on her extensive experience, case studies and the information in her books and reports

Social Media and Online PR Training

Online Course

After testing this course for just over a year we have it streamlined and ready to go.

Based on the latest version of our strategy this course is divided into these sections:

  1. How to identify and listen to relevant conversations
  2. How to analyze the information in those conversations
  3. Identify gaps and opportunities, evangelists and influencers
  4. Set Goals, Benchmarks and Metrics
  5. Develop a content plan based on what you have found
  6. Create the tactical plan for implementation and pick the right social media tools
  7. Publish and syndicate content – includes using the major social platforms correctly
  8. Engage in conversations
  9. Facilitate word of mouse and establish brand champions
  10. Measure results and ROI

This is a self-paced online course.  It also gives you access to the Meritus Digital Dashboard that will assist you with monitoring conversations, managing your social output and engagement, and measuring your success..

One day workshop

“Excellent workshop.” Los Angeles Metropolitan Transport Authority

“Superb class – it really got us started on the right road” DoubleTree Hotels

“Your social media training workshop gave us the knowledge we needed.” NYC PR Agency

  1. The Shifts in Media Consumption
  2. The Power of Social Media – positive and negative
  3. Setting goals and benchmarks for measurement
  4. Monitoring the online conversations
  5. Finding communities that matter
  6. Identifying influencers in your space – absolute and relative influencers
  7. Evaluating digital assets and planning a content strategy
  8. Content syndication – what it is and why it makes such a difference
  9. Choosing your tools:
    • Blogs
    • Feeds
    • Optimized Press Releases
    • Social Media Press Releases
    • Social Bookmarks and links
    • Social Networking – using Facebook and niche social networks
    • Podcasting
    • Video in a branded player with analytics
    • Tagging
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
  10. Engaging with your audiences
  11. Facilitating conversations and positive word of mouth online
  12. Measuring results

Monitoring Your Online Reputation

One day workshop

  • Identifying influencers in your space
  • Keywords you need to monitor
  • How to set up feeds to gather the content
  • Evaluating the content
  • Monitoring services and tools
  • Creating content to move negative items off page one in Google
  • Facebook is the most visited website in the US.  It has over 400 million active users and 50% log in on any given day
  • There are more than 3 million businesses with a Facebook page and more than 20 million people become fans of a business page every day
  • On the list of where people get breaking news today, Facebook ranks number three. Google News is only at number 11. (Hitwise 2010)
  • Upstream visits to news and media sites referred from Twitter have grown by 54 percent in just the last year, (Hitwise  March 2010)
  • 79 percent of people who are Twitter followers of brands are more likely to recommend those brands since becoming fans or followers,
  • 51 percent of Facebook fans and 67 percent of Twitter followers are more likely to buy products/services from the brands they follow or ‘like’ on Facebook.
  • There were nearly 120 million US user-generated consumers in 2008, along with 82.5 million content creators. Both numbers are set to climb significantly by 2013 (eMarketer, February 2009)
  • 74% of Internet users say “After interacting with companies or brands via new media, I generally have a more positive impression of the company or brand“. (Consumers Demand Brand Interaction, October 2009)

The Global Trust Barometer shows that what people trust most today is “a company just like me.”   They are looking for companies who share their values and are open to conversation and collaboration.  Yet many companies and organizations are still in the experimental stage with their social media programs. One of the major barriers to social media adoption in companies is lack of knowledge. And that lack of knowledge is also the main reason for social media failures and disasters.  Are your employees ready to participate in these conversations?

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