Social Media: Strategy, Audit and Implementation

Social media has moved way beyond being a fad and the majority of businesses, both large and small, have tried their hands at some social media activity. Unfortunately many companies don’t have an experienced Digital PR and social media strategist on their payroll. Keeping up with the rapid fire changes in the social media world can be quite the challenge.

A Social Media Strategist consultant or coach can help you stay current with cutting edge technology and give you direction so that you don’t waste time and resources trying to be all things to all people in every possible social network.

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Company executives are realizing that incorporating social media into their marketing and PR plans is a priority for 2014.

Social media usage by small business owners increased doubled last year, and almost 1 out of 5 actively uses social media as part of his or her marketing strategy. Here’s a breakdown of what the small businesses reported as the main uses of social media marketing:

  • 75% have a company page on a social networking site
  • 69% post status updates or articles of interest on social media sites
  • 57% build a network through a site such as LinkedIn
  • 54% monitor feedback about the business
  • 39% maintain a blog
  • 26% tweet about areas of expertise
  • 16% use Twitter as a service channel

Social Media Strategy

Every business needs to take a strategic approach to incorporating social media into their PR and marketing plans. Do you have a Twitter feed and a Facebook page, but you’re not quite sure what to do with them, or how to measure your results? There have been some fairly spectacular missteps in this new field – and mostly because companies dived in without a social media strategy. It’s vital that every marketing and PR agency and in-house practitioner learns the new rules so they can correctly involve their clients and companies in the online conversations.

Keeping up with all this content production and engagement, and making sure that you are expending your efforts in the right direction, can be challenging.  Learn more here about media and strategies, remember Having a Digital PR and social media strategy to guide you, or having access to a strategist who you can consult with on a regular basis, can mean the difference between random actions and a social media plan that gets results.

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Social Media Audit:

The question is no longer should we be doing social media, it’s are we doing it right? Eric Qualmann, Author of Socialnomics

How do you know if you’re doing it right? A social media audit reviews your current actions and highlights opportunities and possible pitfalls. Are there brand evangelists out there that you are not aware of? Are you taking advantage of the new features available in Facebook? Are your employees really engaging in conversations or are they using social media as a broadcast channel?