Online Corporate Video Tops Consumers Social Media Choice


Online video viewing is up by 45 percent in the the last year. According to the 2013 Technorati Media Digital Influencer Report, YouTube is the site most consumers use – ahead of Facebook and Twitter.  And it is also one of the most trusted sources of information.

One of the biggest barriers to people purchasing online is trust.  Videos help break the trust barrier.  We know that video influences decisions –  one in five U.S consumers aged 18 to 24 cited online video as an influence on their choice of banks and retailers find that product videos can result in a 25% increase in conversion rates, says Internet Retailer.  Product videos allow shoppers to interact with your products as much as possible, especially if you show the product from various angles and show it in action.

According to Forbes and Google’s “Video in the C-Suite” report, video is not just influencing the purchase decisions of men and women in the street, it’s becoming a critical information source for C-suite executives too. They’re watching video online regularly and a good video can drive them to action.

  • More than 80% said they are watching more online video today than they were a year ago.
  • More than 75% of C-Suite Executives watch work-related corporate video online on a business-related website at least weekly.
  • 65% of C-suite Executives report visiting a vendor’s website after watching their online video
  • The social element of online video is strong in the executive suite: More than half of senior executives share videos with colleagues at least weekly, and receive work-related videos as often.

If you plan to use corporate video to reach senior executives take their preferences into account:

  • Executives like information in a mix of text and video
  • They look to different outlets for different types of videos (business sites for news, YouTube for testimonials)
  • Many executives are willing to engage with longer videos if the material is interesting and relevant.

Online Corporate Video Production

The kind of online video that gets best results is a short, interesting, well-made video that is relevant to your audience.

The cost of producing this kind of online video that tells a story does not require a Hollywood budget. It is possible to get a great little video scripted, produced, edited and online for as little as $5000 – $8000

Every company has a story to tell. Get yours online in video format.

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Video Training

Most marketing and PR people were not trained to make video. It was costly and complicated to make videos, but that’s changed. With a little training almost anyone can make a video today. The equipment is no longer prohibitively expensive either. With a smart phone, or a camera that costs less than $1000, and some intuitive editing software, your team could be producing excellent corporate video.

Half Day Corporate Video Workshops

1. Equipment needs                              $1,950

2, How to script and storyboard            $1,950

3. Shoot, Edit and Distribute                 $1,950

All workshops are hands-on with lots of practical application.

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