“Agencies and specialists should take note that levels of client satisfaction with Online PR are not encouraging and they may need to improve their knowledge and offering. “State of Online PR, EConsultancy UK.

“Blogs are not only having an impact on the speed and availability of news, but also influence the tone and editorial direction of reporting.” Jerry Johnson, Brodeur. Blogs Influence on Traditional News survey

“Business models are being turned upside down by the Internet. PR firms tell their clients that, but propose a solution that just uses existing techniques and tools in a different medium” Simon Collier, Head of Digital Culture and Emerging Media at Edelman PR, UK.

The PRSA Counselors Academy recently released a study that says mastering social media skills is one of the top three issues for PR practitioners in 2009 and 2010. Every PR hire is now expected to be able to implement social media strategies.   The can get you up to speed with the latest techniques in online PR.


“If there’s one constant in digital media, it’s change Distributed influence: Quantifying the Impact of Social Media – Edelman


Online news and the social media landscape offers many PR opportunities, but it is also full of potential landmines for those who are not familiar with the territory.A year ago Twitter was not even considered as a PR tool. Now the Wall Street Journal calls it a mainstream marketing tool and everyone wants to know how to use it.

Staying current with the changes means constant reading and learning.The PRoactive Report covers public relations trends in new media..Each new issue will guide you through one aspect of online PR, Internet news and media relations, or social media.  I will give you insider information from trusted experts about emerging trends, the latest research on news and consumer behavior online and some successful implementation case studies..

Now available:  $27 per report

News and Media Relations in the Internet Age The media landscape has changed. So has the practice of PR.

Search: A Modern PR Skill Universal search is a PR and news opportunity.

Twitter PR How to build a loyal following in 140 characters.

New Media Press Releases 3 formats and SEO rules for releases online

Online Reputation Monitoring and Management Strategies to enhance and protect your brand online

Social Media Roadmap – a 10-point strategy for integrating social media with PR

Each report covers:

  • PR opportunities and challenges presented by the trend
  • A ‘how- to” section on implementation in a Public Relations strategy
  • An overview of the tools PR professionals can use

I was very impressed by the quality of this report – definitely a resource PR professionals can use to get up to speed on new media. Brian Pittman  Content Director, Bulldog Reporter

“Sally is one of the top-rated PR technology presenters at PR University and that’s why we chose her to teach our Social Media Bootcamp.” Jim Sinkinson, CEO, Bulldog Reporter

“Thank you for being my #1 resource for all things social media. Your input has been of great value for growing my Social Media capabilities and has been met with great enthusiasm from my clients” Rebekah Iliff.

“I loved the latest Proactive Report and how timely it is for me.” Allan Schoenberg   Director, Corporate Communication CME Group

“In my mind, Sally is the social media guru.  Having run my own firm in Montreal and Toronto for the last 28 years, I’ve heard lots of presentations at PRSA, Counselors Academy, CPRS and on the web and hers are always terrific”. R.P

“I have learned more from you than from all the conferences and workshops I have attended.” Astrid Sheil PhD. PR Lecturer Cal State San Bernadino

I use the Proactive Report for teaching my students at graduate level. The proactive approach to online public relations has helped me explain to them what they need to know about online reputation management and online PR. I recommend that you explore these issues further by regularly reading the Proactive blog. Mato Brautovic, PhD  University of Dubrovnik, Department of Mass Communication

If you need a guide to Online PR 2.0  Buy Your Copy of the Proactive Report Now

I’ve been in public relations for more than twenty-five years. I’ve been Accredited in PR (APR) since 1992 and I have lectured in Communications and Marketing for Oxford-Brookes University (UK). I started my career in online PR and digital media in 1999. I’m one of the few people who knows and understands both worlds, tech and PR.

But I’m not a techie – I’m a PR professional. The reports explain new media in plain English, from a PR perspective. As a Senior Fellow and Advisory Board member for the Society for New Communications Research I am constantly involved with some of the brightest minds in the new media space