Internet Marketing & Website Strategy E-Book

So you built your website and they did not come.  You hear about how some businesses are making money off the Internet, yet you get no visitors, no leads and no sales.
Do they know something you don’t?

Yes!  They have an Internet marketing strategy.


  • More than 80% of all visitors to a website come via the search engines
  • Over 70% of all purchases are first researched online before they buy – whether they buy on the Net or in a store
  • If your website is not found in the search engines you will not get the qualified traffic that is already online and searching for products or services like yours

Make your website work for you – there are rules that the search engines use to rank websites. You need to know how to put together a website marketing strategy so that your site can be found by the people searching for keywords that describe your business, products or services.

WebSense is an easy-to read and understand ebook about Internet marketing strategy. .

“This book is exactly what I was looking for.  I knew I was missing the mark with my website, but I didn’t know what the secret was. I had looked at many other sites and books.  This is the one.”   The Home Business Coach.

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“I have been in the internet marketing business for ten years and this is the easiest to follow book I have come across. It explains all the ‘techie’ stuff in language anyone can understand and use. And then she goes beyond the techie stuff.  This is about marketing and making your website really work”. Internet Marketing manager

“This system has taken my site from invisible to page one on all the search engines. We went from no visitors to an average of 1500 visitors a month.   We are a small local contracting business and I never thought my website could increase my sales. Boy was I wrong!”   B.P  California.

What’s in WebSense?

1.  Where did we go wrong?

All the basic rules of marketing and PR apply to the Internet, they just have to be adapted to this new medium

2.   How to make your site communicate your message

The rules and barriers about communication online

3.   Marketing 101 – for the Internet

Applying the basics to websites, users and the search engines

4.  Creating an Internet marketing strategy that works

Keywords, search visibility, user needs and your business goals

5.  Getting found online

What are your visitors looking for? How to get listed and ranked on page one. Will they choose your site?

7.  See the site through the eyes of your users

How to research your users and meet their needs

8.  What makes a home page work?

Once you get them there, will they stay?  Most websites lose over 60% of visitors from the home page

9.  Site architecture

Organize your content.  A logical flow of information affects search engine results

10. Designing the home page

Using all this data design a workable home page.  Consistent and usable design for interior pages

11.  How to conduct simple usability testing

Find the major flaws in your site design and fix them

12.  Writing the content

Write for the users and the search engines. Using keywords correctly. Context and sequential reading in a website

13.  Getting traffic from the search engines

Optimizing your content.  Building links. Pay per click.

14.  Marketing your website

Syndicating your content with RSS feeds. Articles.News Search. Blogs. Videos.Viral marketing

15.  Monitoring and measuring

Keeping track of your results and your visitor behavior online. The days when you could just put up a static website to ‘have an online presence’ are long gone.

Entrepreneurs who are successful know they have to include internet marketing in their business plan.  Without an Internet marketing strategy you’re flying blind – and you’re missing the people who are actively looking for your product or service online.

This Internet marketing strategy ebook will show you how you can get your website to the top of the search engines and attract the right traffic to your site.