Digital PR Tip Sheet | Twitter







Research from Carnegie Mellon, MIT and Georgia Tech reveals that only about a third of tweets are worth reading. How can you make sure your company’s tweets are among them? The researchers offered these tips:


  1. Keep it fresh. Twitter emphasizes real-time information.
  2. Avoid tweeting something that has already been tweeted by many other people
  3. Add something of value to the thread: an opinion, a pertinent fact or a question.
  4. Keep it short: Always leave room for comments or re-tweets.
  5. Use hashtags sparingly. But do use them to help others find and follow conversations or chats.
  6. Keep personal info to yourself: Reviewers reserved a special hatred for Foursquare location check-ins.
  7. Provide context: Tweets that are too short leave readers unable to understand their meaning.
  8. Don’t just link to a blog or a photo without some explanation
  9. No ranting or whining. Negative sentiments and complaints don’t make the cut.
  10. Give just enough to entice people to click the links. Don’t give it all away in the tweet.


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