Digital PR Tip Sheet : Facebook







Facebook is am amazing resource – almost a third of the world’s population has an account on Facebook. However most people use it to stay connected to friends and family and to share photos and personal stories. It can be used effectively in a digital PR program but it has to be done correctly.

With over 800 million users worldwide and rated the most visited website online, brands know they have to pay attention to Facebook. How can you make the most of the social network for PR purposes? Build a community of fans, so that you have an engaged audience you can mine for information about sentiment, perception and attitudes.  The new Timeline layout is producing almost 50% more engagement, when used properly.

  1. Use the new timeline cover to create a visual impact that tells your story. Keep it fresh – change the cover to reflect activity at the company
  2. Add custom tabs for specific content – welcome, contest, offers, downloads, tips.
  3. Use Facebook ads and sponsored stories to drive specifically targeted people to these tabs and increase your fan base.
  4. Post interesting, quality content to your timeline.  Build out the history of your company with Milestones and add a lot of visual material.
  5. Post photos and videos. Host a photo contest.
  6. Be real and show the human side of the business.
  7. Offer exclusive ‘Facebook only’ content to encourage them to like your page. A Tips page on a custom tab could be one example.
  8. Give sneak peeks – share plans, goals and upcoming product launches or events.
  9. Engage your fans. Get involved in the conversation and reply as soon as possible.
  10. Use the polls feature so you can mine the community and get feedback
  11. Use Facebook Insights to see what content is getting the most response. Do more of that.
  12. Monitor the likes, shares and comments for trends, hot topics, intent statements, threats and opportunities.

If you need help with your Facebook timeline layout and your digital PR strategy, call Sally on 626 793 4911