Digital PR Tip Sheet : Blogger Outreach


Digital PR Tip sheet Bloggers
Almost every topic under the sun has people who are interested in it. Even the most obscure one. And many of those people are passionately blogging and tweeting about it.  You just need to find them, reach out and engage them.
Most companies focus only on the bloggers with a high influence score.  But there are millions of bloggers and they all have an audience. You should be building relationships with the top bloggers in your field, but you should also be digging much deeper.  There are potentially hundreds of bloggers out there who could be singing your praises.


  1. Don’t be a snob! Everybody’s fighting over the same top blogs when there are over 150 million others – reach out to all the relevant blogs in your field..
  2. The best place to find the right bloggers for your campaign is Google. Looking for mommy bloggers? Search Google: “top mommy blogs,” “best mommy blogs.” Google is your friend.
  3. Use tools to rank them by influence.  Free tools = Kred, Klout and Peer Index..  Subscription = Engage 121 or ECairn Conversation
  4. When engaging bloggers, respect privacy. If they want to be contacted, they’ll make it easy; otherwise, leave them alone.
  5. Some bloggers are explicit about how they want to be contacted– always look out for terms of engagement and follow them to the letter.
  6. Always offer the blogger something of value to them. Their blog is not there to provide you with coverage. It is their passion. In some cases it is their income source. Give them something they want – don’t just pitch what you want.
  7. Assume a blogger has no PR experience and translate your pitch email into simple, friendly English.
  8. Do not include attachments in your pitch as it isn’t easy or simple for bloggers to convert your GIF, PDF or DOC to something they post. Write a short pitch and link to the full news content hosted in your online social newsroom.
  9. Host the majority of your news content on a campaign-specific micro-site or in your online newsroom with easy-to-share video, images, and pre-linked copy.
  10. Make it dead simple to use your content – if it takes a blogger longer than 5 minutes to post about what you sent them, they won’t.  Add embed codes to images and videos.
  11. When it comes to your initial pitch, less is more. The first outreach is really a way of judging interest and making friends
  12. Follow up with everyone who doesn’t reply two more times. It works!

The recent BlogHer survey shows that both women bloggers and the general US female population who are online regard blogs as their number one source of trusted information and advice. A good blogger outreach program should be an integral part of your Digital PR strategy.

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