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Corporate Social Media/Digital PR Training and Coaching

Social Media Skills Gap

According to the Chartered Institute of Marketing a skills gap is preventing businesses from getting value from social media.  30% of companies that outperform their peers rate social media as a key factor, yet only 6% of companies rate themselves as skilled and effective in social media.

C-Suite  Social Media Strategy Workshops

To effectively gear up your business to take advantage of the many opportunities in social media your CEO and your executive team must understand what social media is, what it can do, how it works, what the best practices are and why it can be so effective in achieving busiess goasl when done right.

Option A:   $2500

A three hour social media strategy seminar for business executives.$2500

Option B:   $5000

A one-day (6 hour) workshop

9am  -12 noon      Social Media Overview

1pm – 4 pm            How to plan and implement a social media strategy to achieve business goal.

Marketing and PR staff.

If you’re a marketing or PR professional you probably find keeping up with the rapidly changing technology and media landscape a challenge. The practice of PR is not what it was five years ago. If you’re a typical entrepreneur, you started your business because you’re good at something, but you’re not a Marketing, PR or social media expert. Yet to be successful in business today you have to learn new marketing and PR skills.

Digital PR and Corporate Social Media training, combined with a hands-on coaching program, is one of the best ways to bridge this gap. You use the knowledge while you are learning..

Visual Content Workshops

In addition to being a good writer with a nose for the news, PR and marketing professionals need to learn new skills today:

  • optimizing content for search engines – web and social (SEO)
  • photography
  • editing images
  • infographics
  • video scripting
  • video lighting
  • video shooting
  • video editing

Are you prepared for the Digital Revolution?

The CIM study asked 1500 businesses worldwide about their use and attitude towards social media and found that 1 in 5 marketers said their business was “fundamentally ill-equipped to take advantage of social media.” Only a quarter of those questioned had established any solutions for this lack of competency.

Only 30% of content is produced by third party vendores or partners, reports ADAge,  so existing staff have to learn these skills.

Don’t let this lack of skill affect your business. We have trained more than 1000 PR professionals in Fortune 100 companies, small start-ups and agencies.  PR News named our CEO, Sally Falkow, PR Trainer of the Year in December 2009 for this work.

3 hour Visual Content Workshops:  $2000.

  1. Images/Infographics
  2. Video

NOTE: If there are more than 10 attendees there is a charge of $200 per attendee up to a maximum 25 in a class.  For in-house workshops outside the Los Angeles area there will be a charge for travel and accommodation for two presenters.

Success from a Recent Corporate Social Media Coaching Client

The online social media training and coaching I received from Sally Falkow greatly helped me understand the tools and tactics I can use in promoting our business through social media.  I began these social media coaching sessions with some knowledge, but the training helped me to flesh out my original ideas and gave me even more!  I quickly learned the skills I need to make the most of our social media investment. One of the greatest benefits was the coaching aspect and the back and forth, cross-breeding of ideas I had with Sally.  I was able to ask a question that Sally could answer on-line by taking me to various websites (I could see her computer screen), thus demonstrating the technique that she was explaining. She was open and encouraging of my ideas. Sometimes my ideas sparked her to think of something else to tell me about and that would lead us down another path. I’ve learned so much and now my efforts re focused and based on research that gets results.  I’m looking forward to implementing all of the new skills I learned and to continuing to learn more from Sally.

Ellen Pratt,  Business Manager Natalie Blake Studios

Social Media Training and Coaching Program

The social media training with coaching program consists of a one-hour session once a week for 6 months. Each week we cover one aspect of social media and Digital PR or marketing and we evaluate what you are currently doing and how you could improve your results.  During this time we will cover

  1. How to listen to the conversations – you need to find the right people to follow, connect with and talk to
  2. Mapping and monitoring your social graph
  3. Using a dashboard to increase productivity and effectiveness
  4. How to develop an effective content strategy that engages  your audience and increases your fan base.
  5. Twitter – how to write great tweets that build your following and engage the right people.How to make and use Twitter lists
  6. Google Plus- why you should use it and what content to post.  How to use it effectively for your business
  7. Facebook – how to set up custom tabs and build your fan base.How to use content to increase likes, comments and shares.
  8. How to do effective Facebook Ads and use promoted stories to target the people you want to attract as fans
  9. Facebook – how to use Facebook Insights to improve your content strategy
  10. LinkedIn – how you can use content on LI to engage your audience. Searching, filtering, groups, brand pages.
  11. Pinterest – why it is different, how best to use it. using images and video on Pinterest. How to customize the content for your business
  12. Instagram – images , graphics, infographics
  13. Video – why and how to use video for best results for your business
  14. Geo-location –  Foursquare. Should you use it? If so, how to use it for your business
  15. Blogging – how to blog,  comment and engage. Blog writing, editorial calendars, newsjacking.
  16. How to identify and reach out to influencers and other bloggers in your space.
  17. Finding evangelists and working with them to build a supportive community
  18. Turning evangelists into brand ambassadors
  19. The value of an online newsroom and what features and tools it should have to engage the media and improve your media mentions.
  20. How to craft and optimize news content for search
  21. How to effectively use visuals with news releases
  22. Improving news content appeal
  23. Media relations strategies: 5 new practices for working with digital journalists, editors and bloggers
  24. Measurement – how to track results,  How to use Google Analytics and Social Reports

The corporate social media training with coaching program is done once a week for six months

Cost:  $975 a month

If you pay upfront for all 24 sessions you get a $600 discount.

“Businesses need to address the widespread skills gap that this survey has uncovered. The gap between businesses that perform well on social media and those that don’t will widen dramatically in 2012 and if companies fail to invest in the skills, time and training necessary, they will find themselves left even further behind in a medium that they themselves admit is here to stay.” CIM Social Media Benchmark survey

Don’t let a lack of skills prevent you from getting the most out of your social media activity.

You can learn how and when to use digital public relations and social media effectively and create a coordinated and controlled business plan that directs all these efforts.  The social media training combined with coaching gives you a deeper understanding of your company and the marketplace in which you operate, so that you get effective results.

Call me to find out more about this social media coaching program

Sally  626 793 4911


PR and Social Media Strategy Consulting Program


A free one hour session to 

  • establish where your business is now
  • where you want to go in the next year
  • how PR and social media can help you accomplish your goals
Once we agree to work together the next step is to 

  • Do a demographic analysis of your current customers
  • Fine tune your target publics
  • Listen to the online conversations to discover what your audience is saying about you and your industry
Do a brand analysis of all your visual elements 

  • Logo
  • Stationery
  • Brochures
  • Media coverage – off and online
  • Online mentions
  • Web site and Newsroom
With all this information create a complete 

One-year PR and Social Media Strategic Plan

This plan includes how to expand using the Internet and social media – making your website an effective marketing tool, online newsletters, blogs, news feeds and a social media newsroom to manage your contact with journalists and bloggers, so you  get more coverage.

I train and coach the person in your company who is responsible for implementation of the plan.  See the 6-month coaching program above. 

Master Class Coaching for 6 months

24 sessions                                  $995.00 per month

I become your outsourced PR/Social Media Department and implement the plan for you

Freelance hours ( for one-off projects):      $250
Contracted hours (minimum six months)   $200

Contact Me: Call 626 793 4911  or email me at sally at meritusmedia dot com

Meritus Media has coaching clients in the greater Los Angeles area, across the US, UK and Europe.