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Master Online PR and Social Media Skills

In 2013 businesses are expected to invest more resources in social media and online PR than in any other marketing activity. 90% of marketers now use social media as an integral part of their job, yet a majority of firms rate their digital and social media skills as inadequate.

According to the PRSA Counselors Academy, mastering social media skills is one of the top 3 concerns for the industry and online PR ranks high on the list of concerns for companies. Only 6% of firms surveyed worldwide say they feel their social media and digital PR skills are adequate. More than 50% say they are ill-equipped.

So the question is no longer “should we doing social media?” It’s  “Are we getting it right?”

Success depends to a very large extent on your social media intelligence – what is being said, where is it being said and who is saying it. .Learning to create and implement a holistic social media strategy, integrated with search and digital PR, based on good intelligence should be top of your list this year.

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Online PR And Branding Depend On A Content Strategy

A brand is built with public relations. Every interaction you have with your public either builds or damages your brand. Internet public relations – interactions with the online media. bloggers and the public, takes place on your website, your online newsroom, blogs and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Your content strategy is a key part of this brand building.

While companies are currently focused on getting their social media effort right, the ‘next big thing’ for corporations is developing a content strategy that embraces all digital assets. An online PR strategy can help build a web presence that gets great search engine visibility, social interaction that deepens relationships with your stakeholders and builds your brand, click-by-click.

The basis of good digital public relations is a comprehensive web content strategy based on keyword research, listening to the online conversations and learning from your customersm supporters and detractors.  Find the right people who talk about your brand and connect with them.


Online PR and Social Media Training

The way people perceive your brand today is strongly affected by how you appear on the Internet. Public relations can improve how people respond to your company: 60 percent of Americans say they can judge your company values by your online presence. Online PR and Social Media are no longer interesting concepts – they have become vital skills for any PR professional.

Sally Falkow offers webinars and one-day workshops that get you up to speed on new media PR trends and techniques. There have been some spectacular missteps as companies and agencies venture into online PR.  “Know before you go” has long been the watchword in PR – online it is more applicable than ever.  Don’t be the next online disaster. Learn the rules of online news, content syndication, social networking, blogs and news feeds..

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The Majority of Americans are Online

Your prospective customers, clients, suppliers and employees are checking you out on the Net. Even journalists go to your website before they speak to you.  With over 8 billion web pages on the Internet today, your site must meet their needs – and fast.

If you’re not getting results and ROI from your website, go back to square one and create a website content strategy to improve branding:

  • Decide what you want from the site
  • Focus on the user and their needs
  • Make all the content a strong brand enhancer
  • Measure, analyze, strategize and optimize
  • Make the site meet the needs of your users.
  • Watch your traffic stats – do analysis of the traffic and visitor behavior
  • Use this data to tweak your content

Integrating social media with your PR and marketing is a proven business strategy. With information gathered from customers online – social media intelligence – you can create a strong online presence that will engage your audience and improve your conversion rates and ROI.

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